We are an Irish based company located in the region of Dublin. We specialize in the distribution of digital product / games (PC)  for brands such as Steam, Origin, Uplay or BattleNet,Xbox Live, PSN, Amazon, iTunes and Microsoft.
Established early in 2017 as a new startup, we have grown to be one of the provider of digital product at a very low price.
We offer a wide range of game codes as cd keys or license which can be registered on Steam, Origin, Uplay or BattleNet, Xbox Live, PSN, Amazon,  iTunes and Microsoft.
Our goal is to to make digital game codes easily accessible or affordable for every customers. Firetext always thrive to inspire the people our brands care about most which are gammers.
We provide a wide variety of game titles which are available in stock. Firetext is committed to delivering value to consumers and while also delivery quality service.
Whether looking for new or pre-order game title or digital product, we can provide you with the latest in demand offers at low price.